Erica Seccombe uses X-rays to produces 3D images. Her aim is to show how science and art can be combined. Photo: Jay Cronan, Canberra Times, FEBRUARY 20 2015


Erica Seccombe, Grow, work in progress, detail from stereoscopic projection, 6min duration with circular polarised glasses. In Synapse, a selection at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney

Cassie McCullagh, Roberta Ivers, Dan C, viewing 'Grow' in 3D at the Powerhouse Museum in the exhibition Synapse a Selection for ISEA 2013

Audience viewing Ocularanagluphos in the exhibition Time & Vision, London, 2012. 

Nanoplastica on the BIG SCREEN at Federation Square 2009 

Installation as a result of the Plants Under the Microscope 
Artist-in-Residence | The High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre CSIRO Black Mountain, ACT. Read more on the Projects | Residency page...

Grow: visualising nature at nanoscale, Mung Bean sprouting (foreground), work in progress in the exhibition Genart_sys | a window on digital culture at Australia Council for the Arts, Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills 2010. 


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