Ocular, still image from movie file. 

Ocular 2006, in Super Natural, UK 2006, projected on far wall.
In foreground Creaturepede 2004, Inkjet print on Satin paper. 600 x 90cm.


Erica Seccombe 2006

Ocular, 2006, Duration 2.09 min looped, edition 5.
Dimensions vary according to installation

Credits: Created using Drishti with the assistance Associate Professor Tim Senden and the Department of Applied Mathematics Microscopic X-Ray Tomography Facility and Dr Ajay Limay and Vizlab at the Supercomputer Center, Australian National University.

Ocular is a metaphor for contemporary scientific techniques and processes such as nanotechnology. The title plays on the concept of vision and eight limbs, this work is the first in a series of animations entitled Nanoplastica. To create this work I have used 3D Microcomputer Tomography (XTC) which enables scientists to see the three-dimensional structure of material, such as tissue, rock or fossil, at nano-scale. What you are seeing in Ocular is the external and internal structure of a miniature plastic Octopus, it’s three-dimensional data rendered in a unique scientific program called Drishti. By using readymade plastic replica’s my use of the XTC transcends the scientific and technological rationalism of the original media. However, while seemingly playful, my work seriously examines issues of visualization, replication and simulation of the natural world.

Ocular has been exhibited in

1. Super Natural 2006 at Alsager Art Centre, UK 

2. 2008 Alice Springs Art Prize