PARO - Mental Commitment Robot 

PARO: mental commitment robot

Erica Seccombe, 2008 video

movie duration 2.36 min

Filmed in Osaka, Japan

I recorded this video on my way through Osaka airport where I came across the Mental Commitment Robot exhibit. In this piece I have attempted to capture the feeling of dislocation from reality; epitomizing the feeling one gets when passing though international airports, but also highlighting the increasing gap the modern world is creating between ourselves and the natural environment. Paro's movement is activated by touch, in this case when I put my hand and stroked it through the hole in its Perspex box.

from 19 July to 1 August 2010, PARO is part of QUTs Virion, a screen based digital art exhibition that links to public sites across Brisbane, focused in the Kelvin Grove Urban Screen Network.