Metamorphosis 2016, Erica Seccombe, stereoscopic projection installation)
duration 6.47 min - Will be exhibited at Brenda May Gallery Black Box, 9 July - 4 August 2016,
Pupa development at 15 degrees Celsius. 9 datasets from 10% to 100% growth 3D Micro CT.
Imaging and Analysis Centre (IAC), NHM, London,
Visualised and animated in Drishti by Erica Seccombe
Thank you to
Dr Farah Ahmed, IAC & Dr Daniel Martin-Vega,DLS , NHM, London,
Dr Jill Middleton ANU Department of Applied Mathematics, Canberra,
Dr Ajay Limaye, ANU VizLab, National Computational Infrastructure, Canberra
ArtsACT Project Grant, an ACT Government initiative 

Erica Seccombe, Germinating seeds, work in progress (detail), 2013, 3D prints of mung beans and alfalfa in various forms depicting time-lapse of germination. To be exhibited until 20 June 'The Asthetics of Manufacture' 2015, Butcher Works Gallery, Sheffield, UK. 

Erica Seccombe, Virtual Life being printed at the ANU Inkjet Print Facility, School of Art, Photo Stuart Hay. Winner of the Paramor Prize for Art + Innovation, Casula Powerhouse Art Centre, Liverpool, NSW.

Detail of 'Monster'  from the exhibition, Science Fiction, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gormon House, opening 16 August 2013. 

Cover image for August Art Monthly Australia. Erica Seccombe with Ajay Limaye & Tim Senden, Monster, anaglyphic 3D image, Microcomputed X-ray Tomography of a garden slater. From the exhibition Science Fiction, 16 Aug to 28 Sept 2013, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House; supported by the Centenary of Canberra, the ANU Department of Applied Mathematics, and Vizlab. View with 3D glasses for the full effect


 image part of the Nanoplastica series


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