Mr Pippin Bull-Clark  2012, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 203 x 153 mm 

Alby Barney-McChonchie 2011, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 203x 152 mm

Puck Vane Tempest 2011, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 203 x 153 mm 

Rosie Parry-Williams (1) 2010, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 152 x 203 mm

Frank Couch 2011, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 152 x 203 mm

Bella Syme-Dodson 2011, Erica Seccombe, acrylic on board, 203 x 153 mm

Pet portraiture

Commissioned animal portraits

A learned Curator of British Art has pointed out to me, ‘pet portraiture has a long and distinguished history.’ He suggested that if I am continue this venture, then I will, ‘need to capture the aspirational dimension - a better class of pet, discreet clients in salubrious suburbs preferred. Prices upon application. Dogs with documented pedigree only. No chickens, cats, goldfish, or budgerigars.’

However, despite this professional advise, I won't discriminate between breeds or species. So If you would like to have any one, or all, of your beloved companions immortalised in acrylic paint then email me and we can work out the requirements of your commission.

I do charge a small fee which goes towards saving to build a shed out the back so I can move from the kitchen table into a designated studio. 

Please plan ahead if your commission is a gift for a special occasion. 


Mr Pippin is a true gentleman when it comes to the ladies, but beware the competing suiter, you will soon know his wrath or feel his fang. A fine connoisseur of takings from under table.

Puck is as nimble as a mischievous elf and luxurious as flokati. Spends his energy commandeering the cushions for maximum comfort. Likes a lap.

Rosie likes barking, hunting, swimming, chasing balls, and lurking under the dinner table at meal times. Prefers to sleep in a freshly made queen size bed.

Frank can’t help being twee and snore like a train. Decided to have his portrait taken as motivation to loose the extra five kilos he gained while on a short stay with an aunt.

Bella is very busy, must run fast, bark incessantly, catch rats, rip toys and bedding to shreds, but knows when to down tools and take five. Bit of a fussy eater.

Alby is a deep thinker, spending all her waking hours devising new and creative ways to obtain food. Has no understanding of the limits of the stomach, but swims only when the water is at a perfect temperature post Christmas.