Erica Seccombe Vault Door, Millennium Seed Bank, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Wakehurst Place, Sussex, UK 2012, digital image, 44.4 x 65.5 cm, inkjet print on Canson rag, edition of five 2012.

Erica Seccombe Constructed landscape 2012 (detail) digital projection, dimensions variable, 3:52hrs. 

Crossing the Rubicon

with Ellis Hutch
ANCA Gallery Dickson, ACT
24 Oct - 4 Nov 2012 

Engaging with new technologies having studied traditional art media, Seccombe’s background in printmaking and Hutch’s training in sculpture provide them with points of reference and departure as they push into new areas of investigation in digital media and imaging. The exhibition Crossing the Rubicon will present work-in-progress installations of video, sound and animation charting key themes in the artists’ current research projects.

When Julius Cesar crossed the Rubicon River in 49 BC he made a pivotal decision. At that time the Rubicon marked a significant border, and to cross it with an army was considered an act of war. When Cesar marched his men across the river he marked a point of no return in his campaign for Rome. The event was so significant that the phrase ‘crossing the Rubicon’ is used today to refer to points of ‘no return’ literally and metaphorically.

Ellis Hutch and Erica Seccombe have adopted the phrase crossing the Rubicon in relation to their work as it reflects their interests in exploring subjects that grapple with the limits of human perception and scientific understanding, finding contemporary points of no return. 

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