Metamorphosis, 2016, (detail) Erica Seccombe 


Metamorphosis 2016, Stereoscopic projection, Erica Seccombe duration 6.45 min

Brenda May Gallery Black Box, 9 July - 4 August 2016

In Metamorphosis the Artist explores one of the great mysteries of life though the transformation of fly larvae. Maggots are more commonly associated with death and decay, but like caterpillars they undergo a stage of transition before emerging as exquisite insects. 
In this movie, Erica has visualised and animated virtual pupa data captured through the science of 3D Microcomputed X-ray Tomography led by forensic research at the Natural History Museum in London. This new work is a result of her collaborative relationship with key researchers in visualising 3D and 4D data captured with Micro-CT at the NHM Imaging and Analysis Centre. Her residency at the NHM in 2015 was supported by an arts ACT project grant.


Pupa development at 15 degrees Celsius. 9 datasets from 10% to 100% growth 3D Micro CT.
Imaging and Analysis Centre (IAC), NHM, London,
Visualised and animated in Drishti by Erica Seccombe
Thank you to
Dr Farah Ahmed, IAC & Dr Daniel Martin-Vega,DLS , NHM, London,
Dr Jill Middleton ANU Department of Applied Mathematics, Canberra,
Dr Ajay Limaye, ANU VizLab, National Computational Infrastructure, Canberra
ArtsACT Project Grant, an ACT Government initiative


NCI National Computational Infrastructure