Erica Seccombe, Modern Prometheus (after Shelley) (2013), detail, gypsum, ink, resin, max hight 40cm, installation view, Science Fiction, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, photo: Brenton McGeachie

Modern Promethius (after Shelly) 2013

Science Fiction featured my stereoscopic projection installation Monster, but for this exhibition I also further experimented with 3D printing. I created a number of objects exploring various components of the virtual isopod, such as its legs, internal spaces and carapace. During the printing process I intuitively reasoned that the ink might be fluorescent under a UV light. Testing a range of colours, I discovered that the binder in the inks created a luminescent glow which was increased when I printed the slater parts in purple ink. To enhance this effect in the gallery space I installed six LED UV lights to project onto the objects arranged on five wall-mounted shelves. Under the UV light the printed works emitted a violet glow, reminiscent of blacklight, or light emitting diodes used in scientific experiments to capture information not normally visible to the human eye. I entitled this series of printed objects Modern Prometheus (after Shelley), a reference to the mythological story of humans giving life to something dead.