2007 - Megalo artist in residence

Megalo artist in residence

During my six-week artist in residence at Megalo Print Studio, I investigated translating 3D data into 2D compositions by using details of microscopic x-rays of miniature plastic animals from my Nanoplatica project. Creating a body of screenprints, one print of each edition is held in the Megalo print archive.

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Images are listed from left to right 

Eight individual screenprints on Canson paper; image: 17 x 17 cm; paper: 28h x 19.5w cm; each editioned in ten; signed Erica 07.

1. flippers (blue) 
2. feelers (orange)
3. flipper (green)
4. flipper (pink)
5. head (pink)
6. tentacles (green)
7. tentacles (orange)
8. tentacles (blue)

Seven individual screenprints on Canson paper; image: 20.4hx 115.3w cm; paper: 28h x 19.5w cm; each editioned in eight; signed Erica 07. 

1. spine
2. exoskeleton
3. antenna
4. arms
5. propeller
6. brain
7. two arms

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