Erica Seccombe, Printing Time, 2015. 12 x 3D Printed objects, 10 cm diametre, hight varies, gypusm, ink, binder, resin.  




Printing Time, 2015, 12 3D printed objects, gypusm, ink, resin, binder. 10 cm diameter to 4 cm high (variations)

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This work has developed from a research project I undertook as an inaugural ANU Vice Chancellors Visiting Artist in Resident, 2014. Researching 3D printing with time-resolved volumetric data, I have been experiementing with different forms derived from virtual germinating seeds. Through this process I discovered that I could overlay different datasets and create new forms in the printing process. Instead of creating unique and sequential time steps, I could transpose stages of seed growth by embedding one moment in time into another so that time is represented in each object as non-linear. Using this technique I developed a group of twelve 3D prints for Printing Time. These tactile objects, the result of the virtual data and time being materialised into a solid form, highlight the potential for my art to create new experiences and perspectives. The exhibition Aesthetics of Manufacture brings together examples of advanced technology, quality industrial production and the original art / craft object. This series of exhibitions addresses relationships between Art and Manufacture and how one influences the other.