Super Natural

Al Munro and Erica Seccombe

Alsager Art Centre,
Manchester University, UK, 
25 Sept - 27 Oct 2006

Sharing an interest in the relationship of print media to scientific thought, our works in this exhibition are concerned with the historical role prints have held in circulating and controlling information about the natural world, as well as the contemporary use of digital imaging to represent scientific processes and ideas.

The works make use of print technologies as an analogy for contemporary scientific techniques and processes, such as nanotechnology and genetic profiling, to examine issues of vision, visualisation and replication of the natural world. These technologies provide an increasingly minute view of nature but rather than necessarily providing a clearer or more accurate view they merely provide a different one.

The work in Super Natural also examines the role of popular science in mediating and constructing our understanding of the natural world. In relation to print and other multiple-based art forms, it may be that scientific concepts and language can change what we understand by the words 'original', 'copy' and 'multiple'.